Nicolas Lagier
Andy Aubry
Nathalie Leger
Squad Nick Name: Nath
How Long Have You Been with Tri Edge:  3 Years
First Triathlon:  Mekong River Triathlon Thailand 2010
Achievements To Date With TriEdge:
  • 3rd AG Challenge Phuket 5:35 (19mins PB for Half IM)
  • PB in half marathon: Great Eastern Run 1:43
  • (More to be updated!)
Favorite Race So Far:  Challenge Laguna Phuket for the challenging course and great organisation
Favorite TriEdge Training Session: Mc Ritchie reservoir trail run on Saturday mornings

Reason For Choosing TriEdge:
  • Friendly atmosphere in the team
  • Structured sessions
  • Great advise from coaches
  • Challenging yet achievable training plans
Gladys Kwok
Squad Nick Name:  Ms K

How Long Have You Been with TriEdge:  3 Years 
First Triathlon:  Sprint Distance
Achievements To Date With TriEdge:
  • Weight loss target met - 5kg within 2.5 months
  • PB for 10km at 2XU Run 2014 - 0:56
  • PB for 21km at Sundown Marathon 2014 - 02:04:30
Favorite TriEdge Training Session:  Mc Ritchie reservoir run
Reason For Choosing Tri Edge?:
Tri Edge provides a personalised and structured program to suit my fitness and comfort level, an effective training program to enhance my performance, achieving personal goals and targets. The constant feedback from the dedicated and passionate Coaches Michael and Scott, helps a great deal in correcting and improving my techniques in all aspects, be it running, swimming and cycling.
The group training with Tri Edge provides me with great motivation, pushing my own limits a little harder than I might do on my own at every session. I love the positive energy around, Tri-Edger's are very motivating and encouraging, giving good advice and sharing their interesting training and race experiences. What could be more inspiring than training with like-minded people.
Sean Farquhar
For anyone looking for a triathlon swim coach, I highly recommend Michael Lyons.  Michael overhauled my stroke, kick and body position over the course of just five lessons.  He worked with me in the water, offering a number of subtle changes that have yielded results. I now feel more relaxed in the water, with a stroke that is allowing me to expend less effort over the same distance, setting me up well for the bike and run.  

Thanks again, Michael.
I joined Michael’s Triedge Coaching sessions in late 2013. It was the time when I was swinging from a giant pendulum called weight and I was not reaching anywhere near my fitness goals.  

At the outset, I had simply wanted to look fit and was keen to lose weight. I had been running a half marathon in the past year. I was unhappy with my pace and intuitively felt I lacked the strength to push myself further. I tried a few changes on my own namely experimenting with foods, pushing the mileage on running, add more strength training and to further widen the ambit, I had acquired a road bike. I looked desperately to Michael for a systematic approach, some quantifiable goals, a mindful training plan –things that will lead to some wins.

I liked Michael’s approach. We discussed my goals, I ran a couple of tests to ensure my health markers were in order. The goal for early 2014 was to build a strong cardiovascular base. He came up with a structured plan incorporating individual and group sessions for swim, bike and run. At the outset, they were light not very intense. I was thrilled to follow the plan and at times tempted to do more than the ‘ask’. The intensity gradually increased and I was now beginning to understand his mantra ‘being comfortably uncomfortable’! After a set of intense sessions, he insisted on a lean week to give the body some rest even if I was rearing to continue the intensity. He emphasises on ‘respect for downtime’.

‘Safety first’ is a true Triedge hallmark. Michael never misses any group sessions. At all bike sessions, he gives continuous input on being mindful of safety aspects at all times. Whether it is to do with the personal gear or road safety or respect for fellow cyclists on the road, he never misses an opportunity to remind the team on being aware and encourages following safety guidelines. His bike handling skills are well structured and useful in pointing out what to anticipate and how to tackle issues during a race or long rides. He has taken the additional effort in doing individual bike sessions for newbies like me to give us the confidence and give real time feedback.

Michael has a naturally affable persona and an excellent sense of humour. He constantly engages with the team members and is able to hold a motley group of at least a dozen nationalities together as ‘one tri team’. This has built tremendous camaraderie in the group and members look forward to group sessions.
There’s always some great music to look forward to on wind training sessions, interesting anecdotes shared by fellow members on the Triedge forum, insightful race reports to read and learn from on the Triedge group forum, useful pre-race tips shared on race day strategies and nutrition. There is also an array destinations planned for long rides out of town during long weekends to expose the team to different terrains for training.
In the past one year, I have made small consistent improvements overall. I first lost 24 pounds of my body weight in 7 months, my BMI finally got under the normal range, got my first 10K PB and first half marathon PB. I find it inspiring to see other Tri Edgers around me go from strength to strength and get their PBs. 
Priyankar Mukund Srinivas

Michael is an excellent coach! He is able to motivate and sustain interest while ensuring a tough regime of training when required.  Michael has the ability to balance well between ace athletes who win nationals as well as age groupers. I think it is tough to keep this balance as goals, talent, aspirations often differ between athletes. Besides this time trading and commitment to endurance sports and work requirements also vastly differ. 

Michael has an amazing ability to make things interesting. He is innovative, taking out the boredom out of training through smart variations. His excellent sense of humour comes in handy while he actively engages collectively with a group and simultaneous individual connections 

I really appreciate the diversity in participation. We are group of near 15+ nationalities which coach is able to deftly manage as a team - that too in a non-team sport!

Personally, I made huge benefits in swimming and biking. From racing strategy to bike handling and safety drills for biking. The improvements gave me the courage to complete a 540k ride over 2 .5 days in hot and hilly terrain with significant elevations.

The group swim sessions have been extremely helpful. It pushes us a lot. Earlier, I was barely able to swim 200 metres continuously in the pool. Now, I am reasonably confident of sea swim and my stamina has improved to do 3k sessions.

I deeply appreciate that he took some time out to teach me basic drills and prove my streamlining to get me started when I was a newbie to triathlons.

My OD times have moved from 3hr 4 to 2hr 40 in the past 1 year. I was always an avid marathon runner for many years. After 29 marathons I have managed a PB this year in a very tough race course only thanks to the huge increase in my overall fitness and following Mike’s structured training schedule.

Michael also spends sufficient time in delivering an understanding on the importance of nutrition and diet in the overall game plan. I have been a vegetarian and he us useful tips and ideas.  My family and I have benefited from his advice on nutrition in endurance sports.

Michael’s commitment to the sport is inspiring. He never misses a planned session. He is very meticulous and plans for events, races, long rides, wind training, hard swim sets, strategy discussions well ahead of time and ensures timely feedback post-race.
Lastly, while the sport requires us to push ourselves to the limit and he helps us find discover newer limits, he is very clear that safety comes first and he would never compromise on safety.


Marcela Mihanovic


I joined Triedge last year after my husband met Michael on the pool. I started last year in June 2014 and since then loved it all the way. My goal was to lose weight, improve my swim and bike and enjoy triathlons.

Michael is very good reading people and he was able to guide me on my weight loss. He is holistic so coached me on the training and food pre and post exercise, what to drink during sessions. All that helped me lose 8kg, get way stronger and leaner. And have to say very much happy with myself.
My bike has improved considerably since last year, I did Sprints, OD and two 70.3 races and went from 25km/hs to 31km/hs this year J yes I know killer improvement!  Michael recommended me trips to Bintan to improve and focus on the bike, he encourages me to go to the turbo sessions so can learn how to do them at home when needed. When we did the OWS at Mana Mana Michael has guided me on how to sight, swim around, start the swim so I can get more confident. 

Recently we also went together to the gym to teach me some strength exercises on my upper body, with the objective of improving my swim. And on top of all these, Michael hears my training/life dilemmas and coaches me along the way… it hasn’t been easy but with focus and effort, I’m very proud of where I’m.
Overall has been an awesome journey and Michael has been instrumental in that. With his very friendly and flexible style Michael encourage me to eat better, take care of my food overall, then also he helped me buy all my bikes at different moments when I was ready for the change. He brings the “team” component a lot into the group making it way more fun when we do it all together.  He encourages me to push myself to new limits and embrace the change!
Thank you! :)


Rodrigo Monti

I met Michael Lyons by chance, it was one evening at the swimming complex while training. He told me that the lane I was using had been booked for his triathlon squad and offered me to joined his team’s session given that I looked like I was also training for triathlons. He probably figured that out because of my watch and not by my swimming skills… I rejected his offer because I had been in other squads before that did not work out, I thought I should stick to my program and moved to another lane to finish my session. While I was going back and forth in my new lane I noticed Michael inside the pool, submerging to evaluate the stroke of each person, swimming along the squad and talking to everyone about everything. That picture was totally new to me and I decided to stay back and talk to this guy.
The long story short is that I joined Michael’s training group shortly after that. For the first couple of months I joined the swimming sessions only, and then the full program. It has been over  1 year since then and I had been able to complete 2 half ironmans and several short races. I only had 1 bad race since I joined the team, and I am pretty sure it was during the time I was only doing the swimming sessions, on every other race I either did a PB or I was able to complete something I had not done before – eg a new distance or set a new split
Though besides the race results, the most relevant aspect of my time under Michael’s coaching has been the journey itself. Michael’s approach to training goes beyond technical aspects, data,  training or racing plans; his method enables you to improve your lifestyle. And even apply the training philosophy in your day to day.  
In summary, I could not have achieved the performance results nor my personal life improvements without Michael’s help and guidance. The combination of personalized training in a fun, collaborative and team environment is what stands out from Michael’s training program, and these qualities are certainly a reflection of Michael as a person.


Kathryn Marie Haesner

Isao Komoriya

Lee Patterson

Athlete: Lee Patterson

Years with TriEdge: one year, joined in May 2015
First Triathlon: Metasprint Triathlon in 2015
Achievements to date with TriEdge: Completed my first half-IronMan, the Busselton 70.3 in May 2016. Never thought I would be complete it under 5 hours, but finished in 4 hrs 44 mins. I can’t thank my coach, Vargin Yeke of TriEdge, enough for his dedication and commitment to my training. I swam, biked and ran faster than I ever have on that race.
How did I get into the sport:
I competed in several aquathlons (swim and run) but always avoided triathlons as I thought it was cost-prohibitive with the fancy bikes and all that carbon. In the end a colleague at work convinced me that I should start in the sport and that all I needed was a cheap road bike. I followed his advice and shortly afterwards joined TriEdge.
What I’ve learned most:
Take a balanced approach to training – Don’t push yourself 100% on every single training session. I learnt this the hard way. Before joining TriEdge I was plagued with nagging injuries: sore hips and knees from pushing myself too hard on run and bike sessions. I always felt that if I had an hour free to train that I needed to go 110% otherwise it would be a waste of time. It took me a while to realize that improvements are made through a sustainable approach to training, balancing hard efforts with easy efforts. Sometimes you need to train slow to go faster.
Favorite race: The Busselton Half-Ironman. My first Ironman race. A fast course in an amazing corner of the world (my home state!). The atmosphere is incredible, the whole town comes out to cheer, and you can combine it with a holiday in the beautiful Margaret River wine region.
Reason for choosing TriEdge: 
They have a comprehensive weekly training schedule that includes swim sessions, bike sessions and group runs. They also tailor race simulations before major events that team members are signed up for which really helps you to prepare. They have a great bunch of people that are open and welcoming. The coaches are well qualified, coming from Triathlete backgrounds they have a wealth of knowledge to pass on.
Favorite TriEdge Training Session: I enjoy the Monday and Wednesday swim squad sessions. They are challenging, but as they are in the evenings they are a great way to burn off the stress of the working day. Also as swimming is mostly about the technique I find I learn something new on every training session that goes back into improving my swim.


Anubhav Mehrotra


I met Michael in August 2015, when I was looking for a coach to help me improve my bike handling skills.

In just 3 classes, Michael not only helped me handle my bike better but also helped me transition from sports shoes to cycling shoes (something I had thought I would be able to achieve). And in less than 6 classes I was riding with the Tri Edge squad regularly to Mount Faber.

Michael’s structured approach, attention to detail (specially on safety aspects), numerous demonstrations, years of experience and real-time & frequent feedback not only helped me get more confident on the bike but also get rid of numerous fears I had riding with cycling shoes, riding with a group and more importantly riding on hills.

For me Michael is the best bike coach. His training methodology ensures that if i stick to the training plan (& pay attention to details) then the execution on the race day is flawless. 

But that’s not all – After getting confident on the bike, I joined the Tri Edge squad and now regularly attend the Monday’s and Wednesday’s swim sessions. I have a  love-hate relationship with these swim sessions. I hate them at the start but love the feeling of accomplishment once they finish. Hence, I ensure that i don’t miss a single session else I feel something missing from my weekly routine.
Tri Edge squad is an amazing squad to train with and both Michael and Scott have done an amazing job in bringing athletes from different nationalities and from abilities (ace athletes to age groupers) together to achieve nothing but the best in endurance sports.

Raymond Yew - Swim Lesson Testimonial

Swimming has always been my weakest and biggest fear in Triathlon compared to the otters two land disciplines.
Hyperventilation, "Will I finish the race?", "What if I start to gasps for air". All these kinds of thoughts usually run through my mind when I first embarked on Triathlon.
I started training with a remote coach from Australia and swimming was basically overcoming the fear myself. But while the fear can be conquered, there was no one there to review and correct my strokes which led to me clocking at 11-12min time for 400m and feeling like I swam for 2km! One could imagine what it felt like after a 1.5km swim of a Triathlon.
Michael reviewed my swim strokes during a session at Bedok and quickly told me that there would need to be some stroke corrections that I would need to go through. At that point in time, I was a little skeptical as I was still able to finish the sets given out just that I would feel really worn out after reaching home.
I decided to take it up and from the first session, I was convinced that I was going to improve.
Michael did not only focus on technique but also took the time to explain why the technique would yield improvements. That was very important to me as I would rather understand what I am doing than to just follow blindly.
Kicking was the next breakthrough. I never understood the importance of the kick as in the sea, you would get a little more buoyancy and rely more on the arms. Michael explained the importance of the kick in a Triathlon and why just relying on your arms may not be a good strategy in the long run. We focused a lot on kicking technique and 1000m kicks per week was added to my program.
My results after 4 weeks of coaching -
400m TT - 7.39mins vs 11-12mins. The best part of it is that I am not beat up or worn out after the 400m TT.
400m TT Kick - 11.54mins vs "not really able to finish 400m continuous kick"
Thanks Michael for the patience and guidance during the last 4 weeks. It has not only made me more efficient than before but have certainly built my confidence when I start the swim segment of the Triathlon, knowing that I would have enough left in the tank to do the bike and the run.

Kids Tri Camp - 2016

Thanks so much for putting on the tri-camp for the boys last week. Your practical tips on how to put each of the elements into their tri race, the boys really took on board.
They really thought it was fun and thought they work really hard.

Emma Linke