Swimming Services

Open water and triathlon swimming is a specialised skill set that you will not learn in a pool alone.   Tri Edge Team has a blend of specific training programs that not only will build your swimming confidence but also optimise your efficiency and build your engine.   


Are you concerned about your swimming technique?

Tri Edge has a process to take any swimmer and take you through the steps to form your swimming foundation and build out the core components of your stroke.    Our goal is to get you the biggest time gains, both in the pool and open water in the fastest time possible.   

How do we do this?

It comes down to our process.   Firstly we can simply categorize you into one of two types of swimmers - sinkers and floaters.   Once we know our client's over-arching issue, we can easily prescribe specific drills to solve the major issue first!  This is by far the fastest way for you to make swimming gains

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I always run out of breath when swimming?

A. There can be several reasons why athletes run out of breath while swimming.   Reasons can range from 'fighting the water' with poor body position or being too anxious which may be more psychological.   

Process (P). Our goal is to understand you as an athlete.   By videoing your swimming stroke and also having discussions with you over time, we will zoom in on all of the aspects and help you to fill those lungs up so you can power through the swim section

- - - - 

Q. I have never done open water swimming before and am fearful of EVERYTHING, from the fact it is out in the sea, through to the creatures that may be below me!  How can I do my first Triathlon?

A. This is a very common feeling for all athletes when they get started in sports that require open water swimming, such as triathlon.   Once you can accept that this is a normal state, we can then start to condition you to the experience.  

P. Our process is multifaceted and will almost always start in the pool.   It is rare that a newbie athlete will be taken directly to the sea (unless they have had loads of swimming experience).  So first-things-first, we start by building your body and mind up to complete the distance in a very safe environment.   We teach the skill of how to deal with emergency open water situations in the pool and when you are ready we will assist you on our open water swimming circuit on the East Coast with the safety of our life-craft and certified life-saving staff on the water with you!

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Q. I know that I have technique problems, however, I cannot feel where I am going wrong!  Can you help?

A. Visualising your underwater technique can be the toughest part of a swimmers development.   It takes elite swimmers many years to have the full control of their body in the water.  It even has its own special terminology 'developing your feel of the water'.

P. We use the same systems that elite athletes have used for years to 'see' themselves in action.   Tri Edge offers full underwater videography services!  This session will include footage from out of the water and below the water perspectives.   The footage is slowed down and edited so you can take your time to listen to the professional advise and see where you are going wrong.    

Extra Note: Our underwater filming services have limited weekly capacity so please make sure you book 2-4 weeks in advance.   We can come to your condo to do this footage

Coaches comment:  "In my 30 years of swimming, having coached thousands of people from babies, children, youngsters, adults and professionals, I can say with clarity, a person's technical swimming issues, once developed, rarely will ever be solved.   

The key is to minimize these identified deficiencies over time.

Video analysis is one of the few tools that captures a clear snapshot, that can be referred back to, again and again, to focus a persons attention on these ever-present issues and to make the necessary changes."

Coach Scott Larsen - Tri Edge Team