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As part of our pursuit to offer you the highest quality training experience, we now are building out our online E-Tools and Article base.
Tri Edge offers a range of pace calculators that are FREE to use online.  These race pace calculators are ideal to use at any point in your season, to establish goals (at the start of the season) or to accurately predict race day pace, based upon current training data (mid season).

Tri Edge Triathlon Race Pace Calculator
Tri Edge Triathlon Advance Race Pace Calculator

These free tools will supplement our other online E-Tools, exclusive for Tri Edge members to access.  These tools will be offered in the coming months.  
Training tools that we will provide are:Individually written, customized training plans with full tracking and feedback loop to Singapore's leading coachesIntegrations to leading data gathering devices such as Garmin, Power-meters and more!
A personalized Dashboard, to review and track your improvementSocialization with forums to ask coaches questionsNutrition trackingPre-race & race day travel planning, nutrition planning, gear planning and race day execution plansAccess to your current training plan and data over multiple devices on both IOS and Android platforms


Now more than ever, if you want to take your training and racing to the next level its time to be a part of the Tri Edge team.