The Tri Edge Team training methodologies are founded on the training principles of Arthur Lydiard who was one of the worlds most successful endurance running coaches.

Two core components of Lydiards principles are:

  1. The development of strength endurance and,
  2. Periodization. 

Systematic development of energy systems - Periodization

The Tri Edge Team coaching methods provide the athletes with a cyclical and repeatable development pathway over time. Our training is broken into 4 key phases which allow for the progressive development of each energy system from low intensity to high intensity.

Each phase prepares the athlete for what is to come next. I.e - speed gains with interval training is built on a foundation of strength endurance. Correct timing matters, to have the athlete peak for their goal race.

Our goal for you is to see progressive improvement, buildup by buildup, year on year. We have proven through our members that is is possible to achieve personal best results time and again if athletes trust the plan and action the training.

It doesn't matter if this is your first race or if you have been in the sport for 20 years, this methodology has shown to be effective for all members.


Miles at the right intensity are money in the bank - The power of an aerobic base and strength endurance

For any athlete, we start by building the aerobic capacity first. Training in this phase (base phase) is always done 'slowly' at a very comfortable pace. Our goals are to:

  • Increase the capacity of both the heart and the lungs.
  • Allow formation of muscle capillaries.
  • Increase the number of mitochondria in the muscle cells.
  • Develop the bodies other transactional mechanisms for converting oxygen to energy.
  • Progressively load your body to handle longer distances of training whilst enabling the body to recover - avoiding injuries in the process This base phase is the baseline for your endurance improvement and makes up the largest proportion of the training volume.

    It is always the starting point for new training blocks. (A training block can last for 12 weeks for shorter races, and can be up to 20 weeks for those looking to do Ironman distance events)


Our only deviation from the Lydiard system

We understand that the Tri Edge Team is set up as a training squad for working professionals. All of our members have busy lives, either holding managerial positions, full-time students or home-makers looking after households and children.

Based upon a true Lydiard system we would have to rigidly enforce training quantities that are simply just not feasible in the local environment. Given this our goal is to always look to balance our members lives between workouts, recovery, work, family and other commitments.