Testriding Volvo Lifepaint

TriEdge was recently given the opportunity to test ride Volvo Life Paint, the new paint technology from the Swedish carmaker.

But instead of turning your bike a new colour, the effect of this spray-on paint is invisible, until the bike gets hit by headlights. What then happens is that your bike becomes a giant reflector (see image below) which hopefully gets the driver's attention so he or she doesn’t pile into you.    
Priscilla demonstrating that Lifepaint works... even on bodyparts!
Given the mileage that triathletes need to clock, it’s inevitable that our rides start early, in low light conditions. While all of us may have our blinkers on, sometimes we  forget to charge them, or they might become weaker over time. So it certainly doesn’t hurt when this paint helps you be more visible when a driver approaches from behind, beside, or even head-on. You can even spray it on fabrics and bare skin if you want to! (See human specimen above!)

Volvo Life Paint comes in a skinny can that easily slips into your bike jersey pocket. We sprayed 2 bikes and may have depleted half the can. Each application apparently lasts about a week depending on how much moisture your bike is exposed to (the paint is water soluble, i.e. you can just wash it off). That translates to about 4-5 applications with each can. Of course you could just spray it on just your helmet and specific parts of your frame to keep each can lasting longer, depending on your preference. 

Volvo Life Paint is a great effort from the marque that’s best known for ensuring the safety of its drivers and passengers. Good that they’re looking out for us cyclists too!   

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