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_To kick or Not to kick – that is the question  - Author Scott Larsen, Tri Edge CoachIf you have watched any Olympics you will see how quick the human body can actually move through the water.  Without fail the great swimmers of all time have a kick to die for.  In fact when Mark Spits the great American swimmer who won 9 gold medals at the Munich Olympics in Germany felt like he was in world record shape he used a kick set as a test.  He believed if he could kick 100m in less than 1 minute he...

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It has caught out many a traveler and even locally based swimmers, the head scratching, mind boggling, public swimming pool rules.  Having personally swum in hundreds of community and competition pools all over world I wanted to lay it on the line and today attempt to tackle the issue, bucking the system and challenging every rule abiding bone in the body; the mysterious and elusive rule that is: 'No water bottles on the side of the pool!' The rime of the Ancient Mariner perhaps captured the predicament the best "Water, water, every where; Nor any drop to drink".   Fortunately...

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