Singapore Triathlon

With a huge start to the Singapore Triathlon racing season encapsulating the Metasprint series, PJ, Busselton 70.3 and Bintan Triathlon, we turn our attention to the second half of the year including more Triathlon events in Singapore such as KM Duathlon, Cold Storage International Triathlon, Tri Factor Series and longer distance events such as the Metaman.   For most of our athletes in Tri Edge who are coming off races, this period starts with a rest week of active recovery.

Many people in the Singapore Triathlon community have been curious how our team continues to consistently be at the top of the podiums (in their respective age groups) and get faster year on year with very little speed work. The secret lies in the development of your body’s primary energy or ‘fuel efficiency system’ by a systematic program of strength endurance.  As the topography in Singapore is generally flat, building strength endurance is a challenge. The Tri Edge training system has developed unique ways to mimic mountainous training as found particularly in Europe.  Many athletes argue that they do not need strength endurance as the Singapore Triathlon circuits tend to be flat fast, however, we have proven to have consistent, incremental improvements to performance over time, you must start with a strength endurance base.   A great analogy is in building a house.  It doesn’t matter how pretty the frame and paintwork is, if you have not laid a solid foundation you will be susceptible to the smallest of factors.  

There are many other considerations are factored in when preparing our athletes to achieve consistent personal bests through the entire Singapore Triathlon season. These include resistance training, flexibility work, run drills, bike handling skills, transition practice, race simulations and other more technical in nature such as bike and wheel selection for a particular race circuit, nutrition, nutritional load and race week plans.

Comparing this process with your current training, we encourage you to ask yourself are you on track?  Is this the year to have some personal bests and rewrite your records?

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