Singapore International Triathlon 2016 Race Tips

By Coach Michael Lyons

​Hello Athletes, I trust you have trained well and are all set for the weekends racing.
 Weather patterns are quite settled however this is Singapore so storms will turn up unpredictably, the SW wind is dominant which tends to make the sea a little choppy early in the day and the bike course will most probably be head wind out tail wind back.
As this is a taper week, your training sessions should be short, 20 to 30 mins would be optimal, just to keep your body sharp as it recovers in readiness for race day for your training build up. No last minute cramming, if you didn’t bring you’re a race with you, you are not going to find it in the next 3 days.
Do be aware that during a taper week, it’s not uncommon to feel flat, lethargic and maybe a little unwell – this is a good sign that your body is compensating and getting you ready for Race day.
For those racing Sunday (most of us) treat Saturday as a light training day and check your bike mechanically including tire pressure, 20 min swim 20 min bike 20 min run is a good formula, keep it light and easy. As the weekends races are short, no need to carbo load, your body has more than enough fuel stored for this race so let normal meals be the order of the day. Lay your race gear out the evening before and I recommend you put your wrist band and race chip (left ankle) before bed – one less thing to remember in the morning. Set your alarm for an early start so that you have plenty of time to get to the race.
Race day, light breakfast for example, toast banana with peanut butter and coffee is a good gastric eliminator, try and take care of this business before leaving home. Eat at least 2 hours before the race and preferably ride to the race venue.
On Arrival – check your bike in, set up transition including a bright towel to make it easy to spot your bike. Carry swim googles, cap and disposable bottle with electrolytes and check out the swim in, bike out/in run out exits in relation to your bike.   Get numbered and then head down to the race start at least 30 mins before your start and have an easy swim warmup. Take your cap off after your swim to let your head cool down and put it on again as you enter the race pen, have a final sip of water at this stage.
Swim strategy – seed yourself based on your speed, check with coach on the days current and where to position in the start pen. Get into clear space as soon as you can, get into a good rhythm with your breathing and build
Bike Strategy - You will notice that the bike course is 3 loops for the Sprint and 6 loops for the OD. It's your responsibility to count your laps however set your speedo to 0 and the distances are 18K for Sprint and 36K for OD. There are 12 corners for the Sprint and 24 for the OD so gear selection and bike handling are important. There will be many other riders on the bike course so keep left unless over taking and let others know that you’re coming. Settle in on your first loop then build. Drink at least one 750ml bottle of water with 2 electrolyte tablets in it during the ride and 1 to 2 gels as required.
Run strategy – out of transition, settle in the first 5 mins and find your running legs then build into the run, try and finish the second half of the run stronger (negative split) sip water at drink stations to keep mouth wet but don’t swallow to much as it will make breathing difficult. Use sponges on your head and heart area under your race suit, if there is ice available put it down your race shorts – the groin area is a great heat regulator as are the armpits (shaved armpits cool faster than unshaved).
Let’s take a look at the racecourse –
Event Schedule –
Finally, join us at our Team tent along with our celebrity guests and cheer others on both during and after you have finished your race. Best of luck and see you Sunday.
Coach Michael. 

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