Metasprint 2016 Duathlon Post Race

Great Weather greeted us for a very early start for the Metasprint 2016 Duathlon and we would like to compliment Metasprint for a great course and well run event. Most of the Triedge Team had prepared well for this event with a powerman under their belt, duathlon simulation and Several Run/bike/run/bike/run simulations at our Tuesday night TT sessions getting the body used to running on heavy legs. Noting the course, we also practiced 20 x 10 sec sprints during our bike TT sessions to simulate powering out of corners and then recovering back into race pace. Great to see almost ALL the team posted year on year improvements and I had to chuckle when one team member (Yigit) was annoyed that he only improved 6 mins ☺ In a short race such as this, transitions are significant to your results and being well planned, minimalist and constant movement makes a huge difference. Here are your grade your yesterdays transitions as follows – < 1 min         A 1 min to 1.15     B+ 1:16 to 1: 30    B 1:30 to  1:45    C > 1:45        Stop for coffee did you ? The difference Between a B+ and a C could be 5 spots on your competitors, maybe even Podium. Look out for transition practice before the next race. Run Strength – as coach Scott and I watch the race yesterday we were both looking for comparisons between your first and second runs, the gold standard here is a drop off  of 15 to 20 sec per K between the first and second run. Pleased to see that most of you were very close to that when many around you were falling apart on the second run. Some notables (although not a complete list) Andreas,Raj and Zac – huge overall strength from a year ago and PB Lee, Christell, Duncan, Priscilla, Aimran, Julian, joey, Raymond, Nick, Yigit - all looking Good ! Pacing experiment – special mention of Phillipe for his negative run split by being very disciplined on the first run, probably was a little conservative but the commendable aspect was the experimentation – this is a great learning for future races. Now to our 2 Podium boys – Chris 007 Leger who had an outstanding race for and Stormed through each leg and smoked the transitions for a commendable second. David Watson – this was your smartest race so far – your preparation, patience and timing brought home the top prize – thanks for flying our flag high ! General Observations – this race had 40% first time participants which is great for the sport. Aside from transitions and run strength (already discussed) the other common mistake was bike saddle height being far to low, making it impossible to generate optimal power. I think you will also agree that a Tri Bike was a good choice and for those with road bikes, clip on aero bars would have helped. Great job Guys, see you at training soon as we build for the sprint, Bintan and beyond. Coach Michael

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