Metasport Duathlon - Save 5minutes with these 5 race day tips!

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Metasport Duathlon - Save 5minutes with these 5 race day tips!

Are you racing the Metasport Duathlon tomorrow? 

Here are 5 tips that you can use to save up to 5 minutes!

  1.  Have two pairs of shoes.   There is a lot that can go wrong in racing a duathlon with one set of shoes.   When coming back from the first run you don't want to be thinking about setting up your shoes perfectly for T2.  By having a second set of shoes you don't need to worry, just kick them off and get on the bike
  2. Multi-task.   Why take your shoes off when you can take your shoes off and put your helmet on at the same time?   The same is true for bike shoes - you NEED to be putting these on when you are out on the bike going at full speed.   Learning to multi-task is essential
  3. Know the transition.    It is amazing how often we see athletes start a race and 'get lost' in transition.   No matter how seasoned you are, you need to get to the venue early and do your 'walkthroughs'.  This means knowing these key entry and exit points
  • T1 Run entry
  • T1 Bike exit
  • T2 Bike entry
  • T2 Run exit
    • Pro tip: There are always many bikes in a transition area, so the process to always find your bike fast is to find a landmark close to transition that is approximately close to your bike.  This may be a distinctive tree, a sponsors tent or something large and prominent.   Once you are in the approximate area of your bike, know whereabouts on the rack you are exactly.   If you have the choice, putting your bike at the very beginning or end of a bike rack is the easiest way to limit your variables.
    • Moderate the amount of liquid you have on the bike.   This is a very short race, assuming you have hydrated well the night before and prior to starting, it is unlikely you will need a huge amount of fluid.  These grams count!  We suggest for a sprint distance duathlon in Singapore, one standard bottle is more than sufficient for this race
    • FOCUS.   Being able to stay on-plan and focused on your process is very important.   There is simply not enough time in a sprint distance race to let your mind wander about things like - 'what am I doing this evening?' or 'I should have trained more'.   The presence needs to be in the moment, executing your race strategy
      • Pro tip:  To stay mentally alert a great technique is to have mantras around key success indicators that you want to focus on.   This may be 'high cadence - either on the bike or running' or perhaps 'relaxed shoulders'.   You should chat to your coach prior to the race about some of these ideas before race day so you have a dialled in


      Are you worried about the event?

      Most pre-race anxiety is from the fear of the unknown and/ or the knowledge that you have not done enough work.    The Tri Edge teams run specific sessions called 'brick sessions' as well as weekly stationary bike training sessions with a specific run off the bike to address and remove these fears

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