Metasport Duathlon - Five key race tips for success

With the Metasport Duathlon just around the corner this week it's once again time for some trips and tricks for you to perform your best.

1. Duathlon is run - bike - run.  As you will be rushing through transition often your first set of shoes will not land the way you want them to and it will slow you down in T2 off the bike.  The solution is to have two sets of shoes, covering each run.

2.  Put your cycling shoes on as your riding.  Good advice from my Dad growing up was "why put your shoes on at 0km/h when you can be doing 40km/h and get them on?"
Simply there is no excuse.  If you can't balance, learn.  If your scared to take a hand off the bike handle you need to practice.

There are some bike skills classes coming up with Tri edge so if this is you take the time to check this out.

3. Stay left unless overtaking.  Every year we see major crashes in events across Singapore.  It's so simple - stay left unless you are passing.  Yes that's right, ride in a straight line (as it's the fastest line to take) and make sure there is a good gap on your right for those quicker.

4.  Ride the apex of corners.  The apex of a corner is the line through a corner whereby you will have to brake the least and carry your bike-speed through at the highest rate.  This apex changes from corner to corner so take the time to do a warm up lap and get familiar with the turns.  Think about high speed entry and exit and strategies to counter congestion.  Staying upright is the first step to a successful race!

5.  Pace the first run.  I know, usually it's a swim so having a run first up is exciting, however going out too fast in the first run will hammer your legs for the second.  Unless you have been doing some very specific brick work leading into this race or your a seasoned Duathlete then hold back.

Have heaps of fun we will see you out there.

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