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Metasport - Aquathlon.  My first Aquathlon

Report from the 2013 race from a 'newbie'

My personal sporting ‘career’ is nothing to brag or be proud of.  Generally, I always liked swimming growing up as a kid and swimming is always done only in pools. I struggled most part of my adult life being a runner. My exercise routines in the past consists mainly pilates, brisk walking and swimming. I have never participated in any form of race in school or my adult life.

The journey began about a year ago when I made a personal decision to challenge myself mentally to enter a triathlon race. I made a couple of enquires with friends and was recommended to join Tri Edge, who are specialists in triathlon and endurance coaching. 

It was my coach, Michael Lyons that challenged me to enter an Aqualton race. I was petrified as I am not comfortable swimming in the open sea and I wasn’t too sure if I could even managed a run after the swim. Running is never my strength.

With that in mind, I signed up my first discovery Aquathlon Race organized by Metasport in 2013. The discovery race is 200m swim and 2.5km run. I wanted to go easy, as I had zero confidence in myself that I would be able to complete the race. The thought of an open sea swim and a run after is a daunting thought for me.

To prepare myself, I made sure that I have done enough mileage in the pool and attended 2 open sea swim sessions. The sea swim sessions were very helpful. Michael showed us how to run, dive, swim and exit out of the water properly. He also did simulations to prepare us mentally how it would be like on race day swimming with a lot of people in the water.

I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted the night before the race as I was nervous. I got to the race about 45 minutes early to get marked. I also wanted to give myself plenty of time to setup transition and walk around, understand the racecourse and warm up.

I completed the swim and passed a few people in the water (which always feels good). Overall I was happy with my time (plenty of room for improvement) and exited the pool towards the transition area. I made a conscious decision to take my time in transition so as not to forget anything. I put on my shoes, race bib and head out.

The transition to the run went well expect for the jello legs after the swim but I pushed on. I was flying during the run and I was amazed with myself that I was able to do this! The race to the finish point was a wonderful feeling.  I was running with a big smile the whole way. My timing isn’t fantastic nor did I get podium and I don’t really care!

What was more important to me, was that I have learn to overcome my mental challenge of swimming in open water and running. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire journey from the training and preparation to the trip to the day of the race. I was with my coach and teammates who were constantly encouraging me to push on in the race. I couldn’t have done it without their encouragement.

Would I have done it again? Oh yes, I would. In fact, I signed up for the next race for a triathlon sprint distance.

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