Escape the HAZE!

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Escape the HAZE!

Working out in natural outdoor environment certainly has its advantages, but there are times when the weather conditions are not great, or in our current situation dangerous and you have to opt for an alternative indoors. If you’re in Singapore currently you would be experiencing the billowing smoke from Indonesian forest fires that has caused a blanket of haze across the country. Hence, if you prefer to workout, it is recommended that you look for an indoor alternative that allows you to get the same results.  Two excellent choices right now are wind training and running treadmill sessions.

One of the benefits of buying a wind trainer is that they do not take up more space and they are low maintenance.   Cannasia offers a range of wind-trainers (with discounts for Tri Edge members).    The risk factors involved with wind training are really low therefore you can spend quality time thinking about your technique rather than watching out for cars and other road hazards. There are two other big benefits of wind training as opposed to riding on the road.  Firstly a wind trainer will provide a high quality ride, as there is consistent pressure on your wheel, with no assistance from gradients or wind.  Meaning your pedal time is 100%.  Secondly, the wind trainer is a perfect place to practice isolation work, such as single leg riding to practice full pedal rotations, as well as using the trainer to get in and out of clipped in bike shoes, and grabbing a water bottle.

Similarly, running on a treadmill is certainly helpful if you’re unable to run outdoors. Treadmill basically is a moving platform and therefore it promotes leg speed. Rather than your body having momentum you are forced to ‘keep up’ with the treadmill.  Another key benefit of treadmill running is once again being able to focus on your running form.  Often treadmills are in gyms or your own condo and there are mirrors around.  This is a great time to watch and observe your running posture.  Is my head up, knees up, hips up?   When I run am I favoring one side with a drop in my hips or shoulders?   Is there a lot of lateral movement or do I have a strong core?   These are all excellent questions and observations to make. Focusing on your form on a treadmill will also help you with injury prevention when you get back outdoors on the road, meaning you should be able to lift your running volume over time.

The only major drawback for both wind-trainer and treadmill is the monotony.    Being stuck in one place for 45minutes to 5hours can drive any athlete crazy.   So a suggestion is to park yourself in front of the TV and catch up on some new, favorite TV shows, music or movies to help you pass the time. 

Lets all hope this haze clears soon but until then, happy indoor training!

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