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Danang 70.3 2016 Race Tips

By Coach Michael Lyons
Hello Athletes, I trust you have traveled well and all your equipment has arrived safe and sound.
As this is a taper week, your training sessions should be short, 20 to 30 mins would be optimal, just to keep your body sharp as it recovers in readiness for race day for your training build up. No last minute cramming, if you didn’t bring you’re a race with you, you are not going to find it in the next 3 days.
Do be aware that during a taper week, it’s not uncommon to feel flat, lethargic and maybe a little unwell – this is a good sign that your body is compensating and getting you ready for Race day.
On Arrival - First priority as you unpack is to check your bike, assemble and make sure it’s mechanically sound, anything that needs doing, do it immediately – avoid last minute panic. 
Friday, get your race pack and avoid spending too much time socializing at the race expo after your short training session (20 min jog, 20 min swim, 20 min bike check (first thing in the day before it’s too hot, then stay off your feet in the cool of the hotel room with a good book, movie and napping. Your constant companion is your drink bottle and electrolyte tablet.
Saturday morning at 7.30am, we will run a swim orientation at the race site – this will be short however important as you practice sighting in the daylight at the same time as the race.
Check your bike in and deflate your tires 50% to avoid them bursting in the heat. Re inflate the next morning; there will be plenty of pumps around.
This is a very hot race so let’s take a look at the course for the racecourse -
Right from the ocean swim in warm water, your biggest challenge is the heat and salt loss. Our recommendation is that you pre load the day before and the morning prior to the race drinking electrolyte (I use rock salt or Himalayan salt) and recommend that on race day you carry 2 x 750ml bottles on your bike with 4 electrolyte tablets in each bottle, supplementing these by taking fresh water during the race.  You may want to take salt tablets on the run also, but best practice is to stick to your race nutrition plan.
Stick to your race food however due to the heat I would recommend real food vs. gels as there is less stress on your gastric system – a happy tummy will help you to perform better.
Race strategy – The swim is seeded based on your speed – check with me on which wave you should be in. After a hot swim and bike the run will be brutal, stick to the hydration plan, get cold water on your heart and sponges if possible on the bike and set yourself a goal of holding back 10% of what you are capable of on the bike – this will pay dividends on the run.
Run strategy – get sponges on you head and heart area under your race suit, if there is ice available put it down your race shorts – the groin area is a great heat regulator as are the armpits (shaved armpits cool faster than unshaved).
Finally, our Team members average improvement over 70.3 distance is 25 mins in 6 months, Best wishes for the race and we hope to see you at training soon.
Coach Michael. 

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