Coldstorage National Triathlon Champs SG - Urgent Info!

With many Tri Edge members racing over the weekend alongside several thousand other participants and spectators, I am sure there are a lot of mixed emotions now in our final day.   Looking out the window to the pouring rain as a coach I wanted to give you some last minute advice that I hope you can share with freinds for tomorrows race!

he weather forecast for the weekend it is clear that we have a high probability of RAIN!  Yes, once again the bike skills are going to get a test on this highly technical course.
Given the high chance of stormy weather here are some tips:
  1. If you have a road bike, use it.  Last year many advanced athletes where using their TT bikes and set up's.  On Carbon Corner we saw hundreds of crashes (explanation in detail below).  Don't get caught out this year.  The geometry of your road bike is much more suited to this tight technical course over the TT set up!
  2. Use shallow dish or regular training wheels.  Race wheels such as Zip 606, or 808 will not be suitable for tomorrows race.  At max use a 404 or even shallower, firmer wheel.  NO DISKS!  We don't care how cool they look, its simply not suitable
  3. If it is raining hard take your tire pressure down from 120PSI, to 100PSI.  By releasing some pressure out of your tires you will increase your surface area of the tire on the road.  Hence in wet conditions you will have better traction

Aside from the specifics above here are some general thoughts for you to have a great day.

Pre-race nutrition
  • Tonight eat what you would always eat, "as per normal".  Too many competitors that are new to the sport will get caught up in pre-race carbo loading etc. Don't do it!  Everything that you do should have been practiced up to this point
  • Drinking - remember over the next 24 hours to continually drink water and some electrolyte.  We want you to be hydrated leading into the race. 

Race morning
  • Arrive at the venue at least 1hour prior to your race, but no more than two hours.  Being at the venue is tiring as there is a lot of nervous energy that can suck your own energy dry
  • Check in, set up, warm up - in that order.  Check in and get body marked, set up your Tri area (hopefully you have been taught how to do this properly), and warm up!   During the warm up, make sure you jog from the swim to transition entry and all the way to your bike.  Do this at least 3 times.  Also jog from the bike to the bike exit.  Bike entry to your bike spot and finally bike spot to the run exit.   Getting lost in transition is an easy mistake and happens to the most elite racers, however there is no excuse for preparedness and it can definitely be done in the warm up
  • Down to race start, be there 20min prior to your race.  Get in a good swim and take gels (if you plan to take gels)

The Race
Everyone should have
your own race plan.  Its not too late at this stage to give it some thought.  Tri Edge has an excellent race speed calculator for you to use

  • Know the transition layout (as mentioned in your warm up above)
  • The helmet is the first item on (before touching your bike) and the last item to come off (once your bike is back on the rack)
  • Jog your bike to the mount line and only get on at that point
  • Stay left on the bike and do not make any indecisive movements - be considerate :) (more details on Carbon Corner below)
  • Remember to drink on the bike and stay hydrated for the run
  • On the run - build into the race, and try to get faster (slightly) by each KM.  You should not be able to absolutely sprint the last 100m!  If you can, its most probable you did not push hard enough from 2km to go - unless you have trained specifically for sprint finishes such as ITU Stars!

The Dreaded 'Carbon Corner'

Carbon Corner is named as such due to how many bikes go down here every year.  Elites through to first timers find this corner exceedingly difficult to gauge and the corner has taken hundreds down.  Here are 3 youtube clips we caught of some of last years crashes.
Points to note to avoid crashing on 'Carbon Corner' (aside from points made above)
  • Be on your 'drops' - come off your aero bars and use the bike around the corner
  • Decrease your speed coming into the corner and do not touch the brakes going around the corner
  • Note, the way the barriers are spaced, and if you notice the cones, they prevent a rider from cycling a correct apex of the corner.  Due to this is forces you to 'straighten' earlier than usual and this is where the front wheel slips out.  To avoid this, treat the corner as if you are going around a much tighter corner than what you see in your approach
  • Rain and poor conditions do not help

Overall, use this corner to rest up a little.  Drive out of the corner and ride hard through the rest of the course.  There is no point in getting a 1/2 second gain here, just to push a little too hard and loosing 5 seconds and some skin on the ground!

Enjoy the weekends racing.  Tri Edge will be there competing and also helping anyone who needs some last minute tips.

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