Bintan Triathlon 2015 Race Tips

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Bintan Triathlon 2015 Race Tips

Its that time of year again for the Bintan OD/Sprint so here are some race tips.

1. Day trippers doing the OD Pack your own lunch and snacks as the hotel food is not the best

2. Make sure bike is working/shifting on arrival at the race venue

3. Minimalise movements in transport/registration and transition check in. Stay out of the sun and off your feet as much as possible. Wear compression in the morn b4 race. (And after of course)

4. Stay hydrated, keep sipping water with electrolyte tablet in it. 

5. Before the race Vaseline your feet and then put them inside your shoes to make sock less more comfortable. 

6. Swim start and during the swim course there will be long shallows so Dolphin diving will be an advantage - you will get 2-3 opportunities to do this - most people who practise Dolphin diving find its faster than swimming. 

7. Its a small transition so get organised and be minimalist - it should take you a minute or less in transition

8. Bike in small chain ring to start as the is a sharp rise at the start

9. Caution around the cobbled roundabout early in the race, the camber is not good and it's tricky esp if wet. Middle part of the bike is a.little hilly and harder. Pace yourself. All corners will have loose grip pick a safe line and speed.

10. Recommend 3 gels on the bike taken beginning middle and end of ride, 3 to 4 shots in 750 to 1.litre water. 

11. Run is shadowy so sunglasses may not be useful

12. Two loop run is both trial and footpath so beware of foot placement. 

13. Best of luck for a great race

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